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 Daniel O'Neil's family

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Dante Westmore


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PostSubject: Daniel O'Neil's family   Sat Feb 04, 2012 8:34 am

Hello i'm Daniel O'Neil, i'm a simple guns dealer but am also the son of a mob boss. My father wants me to someday take over for him, but i'm not sure if i can......

My father Jack O'Neil, he's a mob boss out of Chicago. He's VERY protective of me and my siblings. While he is a mob boss my father has sense of honor that many do not have or understand.

My mother Janet O'Neil, she passed when me and my siblings were young.

My older sister Sammy, she's taken care of me and our brother since our mother passed.

My little brother Jonas, he is into computers and is a skilled hacker.

Teal'c, he is dad's best friend and number two, dad says his name is Murry but he has never been called by that name....

well thats all my family for now *waves*

Made by Shea <3
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Daniel O'Neil's family
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