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 The Westmore Family

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Dante Westmore


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PostSubject: The Westmore Family   Sun Mar 17, 2013 12:24 pm

Jakob Westmore, father of Carmen, Artemis and Jacen. (deceased)

Anastasia Westmore, mother of Carmen, Artemis and Jacen. (deceased)

Carmen Westmore Sister of Jacen and Artemis, wife Of Morgan and mother of Dominic.

Morgan Andrews Husband of Carmen and father of Dominic.

Dominic Westmore Son of Morgan and Carmen and boyfriend of Jayden James.

Jayden James Boyfriend of Dominic.

Forrest Jacen Westmore Twin of Artemis, brother of Carmen and boyfriend of Frankie.

Frankie Kazarian Boyfriend of Jacen.

Artemis Westmore Twin of Jacen, brother of Carmen, husband of Alex and father of Dante and Alyssa.

Alex Shelley Westmore Husband of Artemis and father of Dante and Alyssa.

Dante Westmore The son of Artemis and Alex, the brother of Alyssa, the boyfriend of Jasper Trudeau and the father of Cole, Kari and Soren Westmore.

Jasper Trudeau The boyfriend of Dante Westmore and the father of Cole, Kari and Soren Westmore.

Cole Westmore The oldest son of Jasper and Dante, the twin of Kari and the older brother of Soren.

Kari Westmore The daughter of Jasper and Dante, the twin of Cole and the older sister of Soren.

Soren Westmore The youngest son of Jasper and Dante and the younger brother of Cole and Kari.

Alyssa Westmore The daughter of Artemis and Alex and the sister of Dante.

Vincent Micah Father figure to the Westmore's.

Made by Shea <3
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The Westmore Family
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