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A Mafia based roleplay site where alliances are made and broken daily and those involved in the business never know which day will be their last.
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 Heath Slater's Family

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Nolee Lacroix

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PostSubject: Heath Slater's Family   Heath Slater's Family Icon_minitimeSat Feb 25, 2012 7:25 am

Hey ya'll! I thought I'd show you my family! I mean, you can know where I get my crazy!

Heath Slater's Family Russell_k_l
This is my dad Bruce. He's such a good man, hard worker. He spent a lot of time touring with bands as a roadie and it's from him that I get my love of Southern Rock.

Heath Slater's Family Sigourney_weaver_02
This is my mom Nikki. She's a good woman who knows her way around a kitchen as well as a guitar. She taught me to play when I was young and toured with the band Hart. That's where she met my dad.

Heath Slater's Family Emma-Watson
This is my little sister Hannah. She's a senior in high school right now and loves to read. I think she's gonna be a librarian or something. Maybe even an English teacher.

Heath Slater's Family Bella-thorne-bella-thorne-23616714-905-1222
This is my littelest sister Cara. She's a dancer and loves music, though mostly pop. She's definitly gonna be a dancer somewhere some day.
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Heath Slater's Family
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