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A Mafia based roleplay site where alliances are made and broken daily and those involved in the business never know which day will be their last.
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 The James Family

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Dante Westmore

Dante Westmore

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The James Family Ian-McShane-The-Seeker-The-Dark-Is-Rising.1
Quentin James Current head of the James family and father of Brayden, Angel, Leo and Alex, he is a loving father and taught them everything about the business.

The James Family Authorphoto-salem
Lara Shelley James Wife of Quentin James and mother of Brayden, Angel, Leo and Alex, a loving mother she worked as a freelance assassin before meeting her husband.

The James Family 200full-
Brayden James The oldest son and the future head of the James family, he is protective of the family and takes his job seriously.

The James Family LYviYVKOCR4
Seth Rollins-James aka Tyler Black The only son of Brayden James, he was sent away when he was young and is now living as a assassin under the name Tyler Black. Despite being sent away He is quite friendly with his father and when he decides to return to the family he will be trained to take over as family head someday. Even if he doesn't wan to take over his grandfather makes it clear that he is always a James and welcome home.

The James Family Tumblr_m5f4l6YkB81r89m9ro6_r1_400
Angel James The only daughter of the main family and mother of Jayden, she raised her son by herself and is close to her brothers Leo and Alex.

The James Family MattF
Jayden James The son of Angel and Sheamus Jayden works as a hacker instead of learning the family business, he is the boyfriend of Dom Westmore.

The James Family 500full
Dominic Westmore Boyfriend of Jayden

The James Family 82364833
Jaylee James The daughter of Angel and Sheamus and the twin sister of Jayden, she was taken away at birth by another family. She works unknowingly for her father and is looking for her real family, Angel has never told Jayden about her thinking she was dead.

The James Family X_men_first_class_20791
Leo James The second oldest son and resently married to Joseph Anais, he is close to his sister and youngest brother Alex.

The James Family Fassy%2Bmagneto
Joseph Anais Leo's husband.

The James Family Tumblr_mbyll3Eieg1r99whto1_500
Alex Shelley Westmore The youngest son of the James family he is the husband of Artemis Westmore and the father of Dante and Alyssa Westmore, a very loving and protective father he loves his husband, children and grandchildren very much.

The James Family Taylor-kitsch-hunger-games-catching-fire
Artemis Westmore The husband of Alex and the father of Dante and Alyssa.

The James Family Tumblr_m71v8zhja31qhraoj
Dante Westmore The son of Artemis and Alex, the brother of Alyssa, the boyfriend of Jasper Trudeau and the father of Cole, Kari and Soren Westmore.

The James Family Julian-McMahon-38
Jasper Trudeau The boyfriend of Dante Westmore and the father of Cole, Kari and Soren Westmore.

The James Family David-11
Cole Westmore The oldest son of Jasper and Dante, the twin of Kari and the older brother of Soren.

The James Family Ranya_10
Kari Westmore The daughter of Jasper and Dante, the twin of Cole and the older sister of Soren.

The James Family BabyChris_Screencap
Soren Westmore The youngest son of Jasper and Dante and the younger brother of Cole and Kari.

The James Family 600ful11
Alyssa Westmore The daughter of Artemis and Alex and the sister of Dante.

The James Family Chris-Sabin-tna-superstar-17
Chris Sabin The son of one of Quentin's sisters, he is Alex's best friend and trained with him.

The James Family Ryan-reynolds-workout-diet+%25281%2529
Drake James The son of one of Quentin's brothers and brother of Lucy.

The James Family Zooey_Deschanel_as_DG_in_Tin_Man_2
Lucy James

The James Family 184495_10151221408210975_1017373154_n_zpsdaecc454
Made by Shea <3
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The James Family
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