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A Mafia based roleplay site where alliances are made and broken daily and those involved in the business never know which day will be their last.
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 Family Ties (open)

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Dante Westmore

Dante Westmore

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PostSubject: Family Ties (open)   Family Ties (open) Icon_minitimeMon Jan 16, 2012 9:49 am

Peri smiled as she walked out of the restaurant and started to head back to her art sudio, she had just had dinner with some old friends and for once her father hadn't decided to show. Being the daughter of a mob boss was a pain in the ass and she would probably go crazy without her big brother. Peri stopped when she saw someone in front of her.

Family Ties (open) 184495_10151221408210975_1017373154_n_zpsdaecc454
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Family Ties (open)
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