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A Mafia based roleplay site where alliances are made and broken daily and those involved in the business never know which day will be their last.
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Artemis Westmore

Artemis Westmore

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PostSubject: Character List   Character List Icon_minitimeThu May 24, 2012 8:26 pm

A list of the official characters on the site, so people can keep track of them and it saves someone accidentally using your character's face.

Whenever new characters are requested, could everyone also please post the name, face & job of the character as a reply below so I don't have to keep searching through the request lists to check who I've missed?

Also if there still is anyone I've missed or there is anyone in the wrong generation, let me know so I can fix it.

Current Generation: (Nolee/Westmore siblings/Teegan's age or older)

Mob Bosses:
Wade Barrett
Shannon Moore
Carmen Westmore  (Face: Holly Marie Combs)
Nolee Lacroix   (Face: Taylor Swift)
Forrest Jacen Westmore   (Face: Ben Barnes)
Jeremy Chase   (Face: Orlando Bloom)
Todd Brooks   (Face: David Tennent)
Peter Darwin   (Face: Zachary Quinto)
Jacob Darwin   (Face: Wes Bently)
Teegan Barrett (Face: James Scott)

Phil Brooks
Seth Johnson   (Face: Cam Gigandet)
Darryl Cole   (Face: Jesse L Martin)
Zander Davidson   (Face: Adam Pascal)
Dylan Parker   (Face: Josh Groban)
Dustin Mace   (Face: Ryan Gosling)

Alex Shelley
Brian Kendrick
Paul London
Harris Lacroix   (Face: Trace Adkins)
Jasper Trudeau   (Face: Julian McMahon)
Angel James   (Face: Cristina Scabbia)
Adric Smith   (Face: Christopher Eccleston)
Vitani Summers   (Face: Rihanna)
Joseph Anais   (Face: Michael Fassbender)
Leo James   (Face: James McAvoy)

Jay Copeland
Cody Rhodes
Jeff Hardy
Evan Bourne

Belle Moore   (Face: Kat Von D)
Hailey Peyton   (Face: Chloe Moretz)
Devyn McKinney   (Face: Toby Hemingway)

Adam Copeland
Samantha James -Nurse   (Face: Michelle Trachtenburg)
Jason Lacroix   (Face: Alexander Ludwig)

Matt Hardy -Shannon's bodyguard
Frankie Kazarian – Jacen's Bodyguard
Vincent Micah (Anais) -Ex mob boss, Mentor of Forrest and Artemis  (Face: Christopher Lee)
Morgan Andrews -bodyguard for Carmen   (Face: Brian Krause)
Carter Lacroix – Nolee’s Bodyguard   (Face: Jason Aldean)
Lucas Turner – Nolee’s Bodyguard   (Face: Randy Couture)
Artemis Westmore -Forrest's Bodyguard   (Face: Taylor Kitsch)
Aiden Dallas -bodyguard for Peter   (Face: Sean Bean)

Brett DiBiase –Lawyer
Jamie Carson (Johnson) -Lawyer   (Face: Axle Whitehead)
Casey Johnson –Professional Hacker/Stalker   (Face: Jesse Spencer)
Mikey Chase -Informant   (Face: Elijah Wood)
Ariana McKinney -singer/spy   (Face: Ariana Grande)
Nathaniel Taylor -minion (for Peter)/writer   (Face: Johnny Depp)
Justin Gabriel –Wade’s employee
Heath Slater (not offically claimed)- Wade's employee
Travis Collins -Weapons dealer   (Face: Don Briscoe)
Zane Danielson -weapons dealer   (Face: Joseph Gordon-Levitt)
Keiran Farrelly -Various   (Face: Dylan Moran)
Kaelin Farrelly -model   (Face: Rose McGowan)
Noah Goodman   (Face: Johnathan Groff)
Tucker Blake   (Face: Carmine Giovinazzo)

New Generation Characters: (Around Dante's age/new to the mafia business when Dante/Dominic etc start working)

Mob Bosses:
Will Matthews   (Face: Hayden Christensen)
Alistair Reid  (Face: Billy Drago)  
Orion (Face: Dominic Monaghan)

Dia Banks  (Face: Gabrielle Union)

Dante Westmore   (Face: Drew Fuller)
Remy James Rhodes   (Face: Robbie Amell)
Oliver Bourke  (Face: Ben Wishaw)
AJ Lee
Tyler Black
Leslie Vaughn (Face: Ewan McGregor)

Dominic Westmore   (Face: Wes Ramsey)
Julian Copeland   (Face: Michael Welch)

Dakota Calloway -born Blake Lacroix   (Face: Justin Hartley)
Maria Kanellis



Jayden James -Hacker/Tech specialist   (Face: Justin Long )
Katie Copeland-Lacroix -student   (Face: Hayden Panettiere)
Melody Copeland   (Face: AnnaSophia Robb)
Joslin Copeland   (Face: Evanna Lynch)
Jordan James   (Face: young Jared Leto)
Peri Blake -Artist   (Face: Sarah Bolger)
Laila Helland -Thief (Face: Liv Kristine)
Connor Bourke -Hacker (Face: Justin Bartha)

Character List Arty-s10
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Character List
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