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 And In The Darkness, You Have Me

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Nolee Lacroix

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And In The Darkness, You Have Me  Empty
PostSubject: And In The Darkness, You Have Me    And In The Darkness, You Have Me  Icon_minitimeSat Mar 24, 2012 6:56 am

Title: And In The Darkness, I Have You
Plot: “We all have our pasts, our addictions. And in your darkness, Phil, you have me.”
Disclaimer: I own Lillie Guerrero. CM Punk and Chris Jericho are property of the WWE.

A ragged cry tore from his mouth as he sat up, crying after waking up from another nightmare. They had come more recently now. Every night since Jericho had thought about letting it slip that his father was an alcoholic, my husband has been having nightmares. I know how much it bothers him, how angry he was that his secret was revealed to the world. I woke up as soon as he did, holding him close to me.
“Again Phil?” I smiled softly as I held his head to my chest as he cried.
“Again…” Phil murmured as he cried.
“ know the truth…you know more than he does what happened when your father was an alcoholic…” I replied, running a hand through his short black hair.
Phil leaned back, looking into my eyes. “But…but what if he’s right? What if I end up being just like my father? I end up drinking to end my pain one day and I…I do that to-“
I cupped his face, shaking my head, “Phillip James Brooks, listen to me. You’re not that man. You’re not a drinker. You will never drink because you know how it can tear apart a person.” Phil was silent and I knew that somehow, deep in his heart, he had started to believe what he had heard Chris say. He had started to believe those depraved words that came from the lips of Chris Jericho. I had to remember to tell Amy how angry I was that she had let it slip to Chris. “Listen to me Phil. We all have our pasts, our addictions. And in your darkness, Phil, you have me. You don’t have to worry about being addicted to anything. Except maybe me.”
“Of course I’m addicted to you,” smiled Phil, leaning forward to kiss my hand. “You’re my wife, the love of my life. We’ve been through so much together.”
“We’ll be able to get through this together,” I nodded with a grin. “Wrestlemania…it’s going to be our time to show Jericho the power of Straight Edge.”
“No,” Phil corrected, laying back down next to me, curled up tight, “it’s going to be our time to show Jericho the power of love.”
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And In The Darkness, You Have Me
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