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 Artemis & Jacen fic

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Artemis Westmore

Artemis Westmore

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PostSubject: Artemis & Jacen fic   Artemis & Jacen fic Icon_minitimeFri Mar 23, 2012 4:58 am

Jacen swore as he ducked behind a crate, narrowly avoiding a bullet that flew through the air where his head had been barely seconds ago. He leaned his back against the crate, reloading his gun, swearing again when he felt pain shoot through his left arm where he’d been wounded by a knife earlier.

“We have to get out of here.” Artemis said to him, eyeing his darker haired twin with a concerned look. “You’re hurt and we’re outnumbered.”

“I know that Artemis,” Jacen said, frowning as he looked at his brother. “You’re hurt too though you know.” He added, watching Artemis brush his hair away from a bleeding cut on his forehead; one of many injuries Artemis had, having been in a physical fight before the shooting had started, trying his hair into a ponytail with a black ribbon he carried with him for that purpose, the ribbon having once been their late mother’s.

“I’m fine.” Artemis said stubbornly. “It’s you we have to worry about, I’m the bodyguard here.” He shook his head, holding up a hand to silence Jacen as he tried to protest. “No. I know you’re going to say I do most of the work, but we both know it’s you who actually gets things done; you can actually talk to people you don’t trust.”

He looked around the warehouse they were in, spotting a door on the other side of the end of the warehouse they were trapped in, sighing when he realised it was the nearest way out, but there was no cover for them to hide behind between where they were now and the door.
Jacen watched as Artemis looked for a way out, occasionally checking to make sure none of the men shooting at them had found them. He froze for a second when he saw the way out Artemis had spotted; realising as well there was no cover to shield them.

“Arty, no…” Jacen said, slowly shaking his head, sounding worried. “I know what you’re planning on doing…”

“It’s my job to protect you Forrest,” Artemis said, using Jacen’s first name, something only Artemis got away with and usually only did when they weren’t dealing with anything business related. “I have to do this to get you out of here in one piece.”

“Arty please don’t, th-there has to be another way…” Jacen said, his voice catching and hinting he was getting upset, mentally berating himself for being unprofessional while out on a job. He may have only been a little over twenty-one, but Jacen preferred to remain serious and not show such emotions while working. He couldn’t help it though, knowing what his brother had in mind.

“I have to Forrest and you know it.” Artemis said, a sad look in his eyes before he blinked, quickly hiding it, something his brother envied him for being able to do. “Run when I tell you to, okay?” He said before checking his gun and shifting to start getting up before Jacen could protest. “I love you.” He added quietly, kissing his brother’s forehead before moving.

Jacen watched him with a pained look in his eyes, knowing he wouldn’t be able to stop Artemis, knowing that as much as he didn’t want to admit it; that it was the only way he’d get out of the warehouse.
Artemis stepped out from behind their cover, flinging a knife from his belt at one of the people shooting at them before quickly puling his own gun back out. “Go!” He called, quickly glancing at Jacen, a bullet barely missing him as he did so.

Jacen hesitated before taking a breath and doing as he was told, quickly springing to his feet and running for the door. Just as he was reaching the door, Jacen looked back at his brother, hearing him cry out. Artemis dropped his gun and staggered backwards, holding a hand to his arm, having been hit just below his shoulder. He crouched to pick his gun back up, pressing his other hand tight against his bleeding arm, not daring to look at it. Staying crouched low, he ran for the door as well after seeing Jacen was there, his brother grabbing him and quickly leading him away from the warehouse.

The brothers ran down the pier the warehouse stood on, Jacen sighing in relief as he felt the first few drops of rain fall, hoping it would get heavy enough to impair the shooting of the men he could hear chasing after them.

“Can I take back what I said earlier about the job we came here to do being easy?” Jacen said as they ran.

“Considering you said we’d be in and out without a scratch on us? Yes.” Artemis replied, panting as they ran, feeling blood running down his arm despite having his other hand still pressed against the wound. “We…we need to stop Jacen. Need to do something about my arm…”

“But we’re out in the open…”

“I have to stop it bleeding so much. Besides, it’s raining.” Artemis said as they stopped, pulling out his second knife. He pulled off the thin, hooded black jacket he’d been wearing, cutting off the sleeves and turning it into a vest instead before putting it back on. He sighed as he heard Jacen mutter the words ‘They’re coming’, Jacen keeping a lookout while he worked. Artemis hurriedly cut up one of the sleeves to use as a makeshift bandage for his arm. “You’ve gotta help me with this if we want to get moving quickly.” He told Jacen.

He held the piece of material out to his brother, who quickly took it and tied it tightly around Artemis’ wound; Jacen helping him to his feet afterwards. They took off running again, glancing back when they heard gunshots, meaning the men chasing them were catching up. Artemis paused and pulled his gun out, glad that the training he’d been through had taught him to be ambidextrous, having been taught to work as an assassin as well as his brother’s bodyguard. He fired at the closest few of the men that were following, smirking as they fell before he turned and started running again, swearing when he saw Jacen slip on the wet pier and fall over, having been too busy worrying about Artemis.

Hurrying over to his brother, Artemis tried to help him up, shaking his head when Jacen started limping. “Of all the times to be clumsy Forrest...” He muttered, rolling his eyes at his brother’s old childhood habit.

“Alright, hand it over Westmore.” A man said angrily, now that he was close enough, glaring at Jacen; gun pointed at the young boss.

“We didn’t come here to get what we wanted from your boss, just to hand it over in the end.” Jacen responded, shaking his head; Artemis pointing his gun at the man as his brother spoke.

The three of them, along with the other men who were still coming, all glanced up when they heard a helicopter approaching and sirens in the distance, meaning someone in the area had called the police, which was bad for all of them.

Jacen flinched at the sound of guns going off around him; everything afterwards seeming to move in slow motion.

The man who’d spoken to him fell backwards, having taken Artemis’ bullet to the chest, not moving once he hit the ground. Jacen smirked as he watched the other men all run off, not wanting to be around when the police arrived, his smile fading as he looked at Artemis.
His brother dropped to his knees before collapsing, laying on his side on the wet ground, Jacen crying out when he saw blood pouring from the fresh wound where Artemis had been shot.

“No!” Jacen cried as he got to his feet, slipping again as he hurried over to Artemis, kneeling beside him.

“Forrest…” Artemis mumbled as he looked up at his brother.

“It’s okay Arty, it’ll be okay…” Jacen said, sounding scared as he took his brother’s hand, tears in his eyes.

“It’s my job to protect you,” Artemis reminded him, speaking quietly. “And I did what I said I’d do. I got you out in one piece…”

“I know. I know you did Arty, thank you.” Jacen said, blinking as tears escaped and he started crying. “Just stay with me okay? We’ll get you help…”

Artemis nodded and mumbled a reply to Jacen, feeling his brother pull him close and lift him; hearing Jacen start sobbing as he blacked out.

Artemis & Jacen fic Arty-s10
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Artemis & Jacen fic
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