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 A new age (Brotherhood fic thing)

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Artemis Westmore

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A new age (Brotherhood fic thing) Empty
PostSubject: A new age (Brotherhood fic thing)   A new age (Brotherhood fic thing) Icon_minitimeFri Jun 12, 2015 2:22 pm

“Welcome, brothers and sisters, to the beginning of a New Age…”

A red, hooded cape; hiding a star printed suit: their wearer probably shouldn’t have been there, but where else was he supposed to go? He had little else left besides the one speaking. The man was, in a way…family.

“…An Age where those known as Homosuperior, or ‘Mutants’ as those beneath us so ‘affectionately’ named us, will finally be in their rightful place. At the top.”

A man, shrouded in darkness like smoke also stood listening. The corrupted red in his eyes had almost faded, leaving behind the original brown shade. His lost memories were still not whole, but he remembered enough to be certain of one thing: This was where he belonged.

“We will not live in fear anymore. We will not hide. No more being cast aside because we are ‘different’…”

Tiny stars surrounded a young man’s hands as if they were the centre of their own galaxies. He wore dark clothes and kept a small blade with him. His blonde hair was tied back in a short ponytail. He was there because he felt he owed the speaker, who had (technically) once saved his life, taken him in and trained him. Though he had gone his own way for a while and the one speaking was a younger version of the one he knew, the young man had still returned as loyal as ever.  

“If the simple, pathetic humans will not willingly stand down and give us what we deserve, we will make them suffer as they did to us.”

Beside the blonde stood a young woman close to his age. Her hair was pink and her outfit looked like she was either about to walk down a fashion runway, or give someone a serious beating. She had no ties, no allegiance to the man speaking but she had seen someone she had known and followed them before meeting the blonde. As she listened to the speech though, she felt that it was where she was supposed to be.

“We will fight; and if necessary, crush them.”

Some of the more aggressive people in the crowd cheering, showing their approval of the words of the new Magneto, who seemed to be just as devoted to their cause as his older self had been but instead of cheering with them a short, green eyed boy frowned. He looked a little younger than the others, more recently having graduated school than them and still somewhat baby faced. He didn’t want to be there, but he was sick of hiding and didn’t know how or see himself as worthy of joining the X-Men, so he hadn’t tried.

Magneto stood above them all, using a rock formation as a sort of stage, his dark cape brushing against his legs in the slight breeze. It was nearing sunset in the woods, but he barely noticed as he addressed the crowd below. By his side was a blue-skinned woman, Mystique, looking as though she had not aged since she first joined the Brotherhood with the current time’s original Magneto. The younger one had spent weeks searching before he was able to track her down and they had spent hours talking before she was convinced to join with him; picking up where the other left off.

A new age (Brotherhood fic thing) Arty-s10
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A new age (Brotherhood fic thing)
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