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 Jay's xmas present

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Artemis Westmore

Artemis Westmore

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PostSubject: Jay's xmas present   Jay's xmas present Icon_minitimeThu Jan 29, 2015 3:45 am

((Sorry it's late...and kind of short Nervous ))

The floorboards creaked as the two men searched the house, making sure no more of the men who’d attacked them were still around. They split up to check each room carefully, both with their guns ready; just in case.
One heard a sound from a room further back in the house and cautiously made his way towards it. He hoped it was from something like a stray, rather than another of the men. Taking one hand off his gun, he reached out to slowly open the door. There was a silence as he investigated the room.

“Leo!” He shouted after a few minutes. The other man came running.

“Joseph? What is it? Are you alright?”

Instead of responding to Leo, he simply pointed at a teenager huddled in a corner of the bathroom, arms shielding their head as if they expected the two to hurt them.

“Hey…” Leo said softly, crouching to look at the teenager properly. “We aren’t going to hurt you. What’s your name?”

He didn’t get a response, the teenager simply curled up tighter.

“It’s okay; we aren’t with those other men. Did- Did they hurt you?”

“Leo…” Joseph slowly reached a hand out, taking Leo’s gun from his hand, putting both Leo’s and his own aside on the bathroom sink. “There. See? No weapons…”

After a moment, the teenager slowly lifted their head, looking up at the two of them.

“Are you hurt?” Leo tried again.

Though the teenager responded with a headshake, when they finally had the young adult calm enough, they went to see the family’s friend and doctor, Adam.


After seeing Adam, they took the teenager home with them to rest, guessing that they were all alone; the house they had found the teen in had been abandoned after all, besides the gang members using it as a temporary base. Much to Joseph and Leo’s relief, nothing had been wrong besides a few small cuts and bruises and a slight lack of food.

For the first day, their guest didn’t eat at all. The teenager barely moved from the bed in their spare room and jumped at sudden sounds. The next day their guest decided to join them for dinner and had multiple helpings, but stayed silent.  

A few days later, they finally learned their guest’s name. After that, they managed to have a few small conversations, but didn’t learn anything else about how they had ended up in the house. It took the two of them weeks to get the story from the teenager, but by then Leo and Joseph had found themselves growing attached.

They had been right; the teen had nowhere else to go. After a few more days and quiet discussions, they decided to let the teen stay. Eventually, the made it official, caring for the young adult as they would for any other members of their family they were close to.

Jay's xmas present Arty-s10
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Dante Westmore

Dante Westmore

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PostSubject: Re: Jay's xmas present   Jay's xmas present Icon_minitimeThu Jan 29, 2015 3:51 am

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! Jay's xmas present 3314995165 Yay! Love Really? fangirl huggle huggle I love it hun! thank you!!

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Made by Shea <3
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Jay's xmas present
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