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A Mafia based roleplay site where alliances are made and broken daily and those involved in the business never know which day will be their last.
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 Alex's Story

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PostSubject: Alex's Story   Alex's Story Icon_minitimeSun Apr 21, 2013 4:26 am

Alex huffed as he ran his hand through his hair before wiping the sweat that covored his forehead. He glanced at his brothers, he smiled at the look of pride on his older brother Leo's face. Though the smile fell at the look on his oldest brother Brayden's face, the one that always seemed to tell him that he should do even better then how he did. Leo sighed and gently put his head on his brother's shoulder, "Why don't you go take a break Lex, you've done a lot today."

The young man of eighteen nodded, "Okay Leo." Alex grabbed a towel as he walked over to the long bench, his brother's hushed voices still reaching his ears. He took a swig of his water as one of his cousins walked in with a man that looked only a few years older then himself. Alex watched as his brothers talk to the young back for a few minutes, he blushed when he realized the guy had been him staring and was give a flirty grin.

Alex quickly looked away, a few minutes later though Leo walked over with the guy. "Hey Lex, this is the new guy father brought in." Leo said with a smile as Alex looked up, "This is Austin Ares, he's had some training so he's going to start his training for the James family with you little brother." Alex gave a shy smile and nodded, "Hi, I'm Alex. It's nice too meet you." Austin smiled, "Its really nice to meet Alex, I look forward to working with you."

Alex smiled shyly as Leo left them to get to know each other, Austin smiled sweetly at the younger man. Alex smiled, Austin was a charming and sweet guy and Alex felt shy when he was with him. He had been broken up with his first boyfriend for only a little while and he had been feeling lonely. He looked up as Brayden called for the both of them to stop training again, the two got up ready to start training.

The few weeks later and Austin had been doing his best to sweep Alex off his feet. And it was working more then a little, Alex found himself starting to fall for Austin. He felt happier the he had in a long time, ever since he had Casey had broke it off to be friends he had found himself sad most of the time. Alex smiled when he saw Austin making his way over,they had made plans for a date and he was really looking forward to it.

Austin looked a little irked, but he put on a smile when he saw Alex. Once again that older brother Brayden was ridding his ass and making him work harder then everything else. He put on his best smile, he didn't want his resentment to run Alex off. He was determind to make him his, he had been felt this way and he had to have him. Wrapping an arm around him he lead him to his car, hopeing he'd win him completely before the night was over. After all he was destined to be his, his Lex.

(Many add more to the story)

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Alex's Story
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