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 Haunting Dream part 1

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Dante Westmore

Dante Westmore

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PostSubject: Haunting Dream part 1   Haunting Dream part 1 Icon_minitimeTue Dec 11, 2012 6:43 am

He smirked as he once again slipped into his prey's dreams, it was getting easier and to scare him. Once he had finished the course of the dreams all that would be left to do is to get rid of younger half-vampire's parents, the vampire Thorn and his newly turned mate Phil. He figured it wouldn't be hard at all to get them out of the way, after all there had never been a vampire that could stand up to him before and if he did this right no one would think to ever challenge him again. He smirked as he watched and waited for the dream to run its course, not knowing that someone knew what he was doing and was now planning on stopping him.

Rafe woke in a cold sweat, the dream burned further and further into his brain each night. He wanted to make it stop, but he didn’t know how and it was getting hard to get through school with the little bit of sleep he was getting. He heard his parents talking outside his door and he knew that they had heard him wake up. He quietly creped to the door and listened to them talk.

"Kev we've get to do something... These dreams are just getting worse..." He heard his papa say before his father responded. "Love I know... But I'm still not even sure what is going on, all I can do is send him to sleep without dreams... But even that isn't a permanent solution; I have to find out what is really happening to our son. He heard his papa sigh sadly and reply, "I know... I just hate seeing him so tired and I want to help..." "I know you do love and we'll figure this out if it’s the last thing I do." It was quiet for a few moments before he heard his father speak again, "Do you want to check on him?"

Rafe didn't stay to hear the answer and quietly hurried back to his bed, he faked being asleep as the door opened. "See he is sleeping again love, now you need sleep as well." That was all he heard as his door shut, he waited to hear his parent's door shut before turning on his bed side lamp and reaching for his art pad. He started to draw he wasn't sure what it would be, maybe the old house from his dream or maybe it would be the shadow that was always there. For some reason he felt that is he drew them then he would have a chance of finding these things and maybe then he could find out why this was happening to him.

Rafe drew for hours, the pictures turning out beautiful. But all they did was make Rafe feel more uneasy, but he couldn't stop drawing them. He looked at the clock and realized he had to get going for school; he threw his art pad into his school bag before changing into clean clothes. He made sure he had everything before quietly sneaking out of the house; he walked tiredly towards his school.

He waved tiredly at his friend Dante, a creature of the night like him only he was a Kitsune. His friend walked towards him, "Hey Rafe! How are you doing? You have another dream?" Rafe smiled and his friend before nodding with a sigh, "Yeah I had another dream last night... I spent the rest of the night drawing again." He pulled out the pictures to show his friend, Dante studied the pictures before asking. "Still no idea where this place is?" "Nope, no idea." Rafe answered with a sigh. "Come on let's skip and go to the library, we can do some research." His friend said as he grabbed his hand and led him towards the local library.

Rafe followed as he as he yawned, he knew they were probably going to get in trouble. But he was hoping that they could find something, anything about this. Maybe then the nightmares would go away; maybe he would start sleeping again. He closed his eyes as they walked for a second and ended walking into someone, "I am so sorry!" He said as he opened his eyes, looking at the guy he had walked into. He felt his breath catch for a second as he looked at him.

"Hey it’s ok." The guy smiled at him, "You've not been getting much sleep if you're falling asleep while walking. I'm Jacob Darwin, I just moved into town yesterday." Rafe gave a slightly shy smile, "I'm Rafe Brooks... That’s my best friend Dante Westmore." Dante smiled and waved, "Are you the new student that the teacher said would be coming next week?" Jacob smiled and nodded, "Yeah, I came up a few days early to get a feel for the town, but its past time for school why aren't you guys there?" "We're cutting so Rafe can research something." Dante answered

Jacob nodded, "What are you researching? Maybe I can help." Rafe handed him the picture, "I'm trying to find this place." Jacob looked at the picture, "Why are you looking for it?" He asked, not looking up from the picture. "I... I just have to know about it." Was all Rafe answered. Jacob nodded, "Let's get started looking then." Rafe gave a small smile and nodded before the three headed into the library.

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Haunting Dream part 1
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