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 Darkness stealing (AU Alex, kitsune)

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Dante Westmore


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PostSubject: Darkness stealing (AU Alex, kitsune)   Mon Dec 02, 2013 12:30 pm

The small kitsune swollowed back a soft whimper as he watched from the hiding place his older brother had hid him, the sounds of his pack screaming as a darkness seemed to grow. The small boy named Alex couldn't believe this was happening, he glanced to where his older brother Chris had ducked into. The place wasn't really a hiding place, but something told Alex that his brother wasn't really hiding. It was more like he was just trying to look like he was hiding, so he could protect him.

Alex wanted to protest, to get his brother to join him in his hiding place. But he was so scared and his brother had made his promise he'd not make a sound at all, so he stayed quiet. He held his breath and covered his eyes as the door was kicked in and the room grew dark. He bit his lip hard when the sound of fighting started, Chris was fighting the demon. He could feel his heart beating faster as the sounds continued, for a moment he thought his brother was winning. But then the sound of a pained whimper let him know his brother wasn't going to win, quiet tears started to fall as the sounds of the fight ended and the room grew pitch black.

After a few moments and a smug laugh the room suddenly got brighter, Alex buried his face in his hands. After a few minutes he slowly climbed out of his hiding place, the once cheerful room covered in blood. He rushed over to his brother, he pushed gently on his arm. "C-Chrissy..." He whimpered, relaxing as his brother opened his eyes. "Lexie... Y-You got to go... Get somewhere safe, maybe the vampires or werewolfs... J-Just stay safe L-Lexie, promise me you'll stay safe..." Chris held only Alex's arm, using all his stregth to hug his brother. "L-Little b-brother..." Chris collaposed, closing his eyes once more.

Fresh tears started to fall as the kit begged his brother to wake up, but his brother stayed asleep. After a few minutes he realized he had to get moving, there was no telling if the demon that did this would return or not. Alex carefully covered up his brother was a blanket, so he wouldn't get cold while Alex left to get help. He grabbed his brother's backpack, his own was too small to hold everything. He packed a few set's of clothing before finding the special book of family picture's his mother had given him only a few days ago and finally he packed food, water and the special bear his brother had given him when he had been a tiny kit.

He sobbed softly as he walked away from the pack house, he was the only one left. He didn't know where to go and he didn't know if anyone would help a lone kitsune. He felt so alone on that night as he walked slowly through the woods, his feet tiring. He curled up on a soft bed of moss and slowly fell asleep, dreaming of his big brother.

(May continue later)

Made by Shea <3
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Darkness stealing (AU Alex, kitsune)
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